New appointments to our Board

George Tunstall @ 2021-10-20 10:43:50 +1300

NZ Hops is pleased to announce Maurice Noone as their new Chairperson and welcomes Paul McGilvary to the Board. Craig Orr, Chief Executive NZ Hops is delighted with the new appointments. “We are thrilled to announce Maurice will lead the Board as Chairperson. His passion, experience, and strong governance expertise will ensure we deliver our strategic plan and bold mission - to be the most revered supplier of hops in the world." "We welcome Paul as a new Director of the Board, with his proven governance experience, deep agri and hop experience, and commitment to strategic planning and business development." "Our Board of Directors is a...

Introducing Peter Lines

George Tunstall @ 2021-10-08 09:49:02 +1300

Introducing Peter Lines from Wai-iti farm and Hop Farm Brewery, a 5th Generation grower along with his family for 170 years. They've been finessing their technique as they pass down knowledge and expertise from each generation. From grower to glass. Watch the full video here.

Do you know why NZ produces the world's finest organic hops?

George Tunstall @ 2021-09-08 18:30:18 +1200

Meet Colin Oldham, 3rd Generation hop grower for New Hoplands, he's been growing Hops for 35 years. Colin was awarded the prestigious Order of the Hop award for Excellence in Growing Organics in NZ and in this video he explains the two reasons why New Zealand can grow the world's finest organic hops. We are incredibly lucky to have Colin as one of our master growers. Watch the full video here.

Producing the world's finest hops doesn't happen by accident

George Tunstall @ 2021-08-25 15:23:04 +1200

A relationship that started in the 1950's continues today and builds the foundation for our innovation and development of unique world class hops. Meet globally renowned cultivar expert Dr Ron Beatson, of Plant & Food Research, who alongside Kerry Templeton are the brains behind our unique, carefully nurtured new hop cultivars. Our NZ Hops are sought after for their special characteristics and we enjoy the enviable position of growing our hops spray-free. Come and take a look at what happens when science works with nature and art to produce some of the world's finest hops - to brew in the...

Kotare Hops - a new venture with support from NZ Hops Co-Op

George Tunstall @ 2021-08-05 14:04:00 +1200
With their background in sheep and beef farming, the Moleta family have taken a leap into the world of hop growing with Kotare Hops. The real benefits of a co-op structure shine through in their story, with the unwavering support and guidance from other co-op grower families.
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