The hop Alchemists

From plant to pint, we get to work with the Growers (the hop Heroes) and the Brewers (the hop Alchemists) who use our hops locally, around New Zealand and internationally to produce craft beers that whet your appetite.

We definitely think they’re worth checking out, preferably with a cold brew in hand.

Good George

The Good George story so far…  If we told you that Good George was the best thing to come out of Hamilton, you’d probably think for a minute then ...
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Eddyline Brewery

The Story of Eddyline: Finding Calm in the Current of Life Mic and Molley Heynekamp built a successful craft brewery in Colorado, and then they ex...
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Hop Federation

The story behind Hop Federation is one that’s easy to relate to: moving from the stress of the city to the idyllic countryside; turning a passion ...
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Golden Bear Brewing Company

Local brewers, Golden Bear Brewing Company is the creation of Jim and Anne Matranga. Jim was born in Los Angeles, where he worked as a cabinetmake...
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Fortune Favours

Sometimes you just have to take the leap. Shannon Thorpe took the leap in 2016. Tired of working for other brewers, Shannon decided it was time to...
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Behemoth Brewing Company

Behemoth Brewing and Andrew Childs are synonymous. He is the owner, brewer, and beer giraffe of Behemoth Brewing Company. But, how did he get this...
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Sprig & Fern

Tracy Banner is the woman behind the Sprig and Fern Brewery and Head Brewer, owning the brewery with her husband Ken. Tracy has spent her working ...
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