Sprig & Fern

Tracy Banner is the woman behind the Sprig and Fern Brewery and Head Brewer, owning the brewery with her husband Ken. Tracy has spent her working life learning, developing and perfecting her beer brewing craft in breweries in the UK and New Zealand.

Whilst always carefully applying good basic brewing techniques, Tracy is not afraid to push the envelope to explore different facets of brewing to bring interesting and innovative tastes to discerning beer drinkers.

That's why you'll always find a full range of very drinkable craft beers available all year round, plus a number of special releases throughout the year.

In brewing, as in many things in life, what you put in effects what comes out. The Sprig and Ferns brewing philosophy is simple - they use quality ingredients and work very hard to ensure quality and consistency. They source their hops from New Zealand Hops, and malts from suppliers in both the South and North Islands.

Their beers and ciders are produced using all natural ingredients and are unpasteurised to retain their full flavour. They like to call it 'Real Live Beer' and encourage you to keep it well refrigerated to maintain quality and freshness.

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