Our Place.


The ordinary is extraordinary in Nelson Tasman. Guardian of three National Parks within 90 minutes of the city centre, Nelson Tasman is highly connected both locally and globally, a place of surprising diversity, vibrant arts and artisans, with clever city and rural businesses, all thriving amongst stunning natural landscapes. Combined, this creates a place that locals never want to leave, and a place that visitors keep coming back to; an ideal place to live, work and play.

"We had no money so we had to think,' said Lord Rutherford, one of the most illustrious world scientists of all time and the region's most famous son."

In the spirit of Rutherford, Nelson Tasman has turned its initial adversity to prosperity. Once an isolated region with land that was neither fertile nor flat, our entrepreneurs relied on their wits and grit to survive.

The outcome today is a clever economy, built on research, science and technology that creates added-value enterprise. We’re the only New Zealand region that grows hops for large-scale commercial and export use, making us the home of craft brewing.