The real hop Heroes

The story of hops craftsmanship spans 150 years in the Nelson region, with many of todays growers continuing the legacy and knowledge handed down over many generations. Luck had nothing to do with the early success of these pioneers, who were motivated by grit and fortitude. And todays hop cultivars and those still to be perfected, are a result of provenance, continued clever thinking, hard work and a passion for uncompromising quality.

In fact, todays generation of growers collectively share more than 500 years of hop growing experience.

Below is a growing collection of their stories that we want to share.

Kono Hops

Training young hops to wend their way skyward is not a comfortable job when you’re a 6’4” tall lad.  Fresh out of high school in 2011, Dylan Morri...
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New Hoplands

Colin Oldham wasn’t particularly surprised when America’s Budweiser Beer magnate managed to find his relatively small hop farm, tucked away in a p...
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Mac Hops

When Brent McGlashen was just a primary school boy, every day after school during the hop harvest, he would race his three siblings home – the qui...
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Waimea West Hops

The very first time Willy Macdonald noticed numerous little hop burrs forming on the bines, he jumped onto his farm-bike and raced back to the far...
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Kentishman Hops

The night before harvesting begins in Guy Coddington’s hop gardens, master brewer Tracy Banner is feeling as excited as a child anticipating Chris...
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Holmdale Farm

It’s unlikely a beer-brewing kit will ever make the list of the 10 most romantic gifts a bride could present to her groom. However, a kegerator wa...
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Hinetai Hops

As a boy, Dean Palmer could never resist running after the trucks as they headed off from the neighbouring hop farm, tightly packed with freshly-c...
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