Eddyline Brewery

The Story of Eddyline: Finding Calm in the Current of Life

Mic and Molley Heynekamp built a successful craft brewery in Colorado, and then they expanded into New Zealand, opening the Eddyline Brewery & Pizzeria in Richmond, Nelson. The airy bar has a huge pizza oven and a small but efficient brewery.

The Eddyline story started in 1999. It now brews 1.2 million L/year in Buena Vista, 200km southwest of Denver, Colorado. 

Mic and Molley first came to New Zealand in 2010 and saw potential to replicate the Eddyline experience here. “One of the original plans was to start small and get to know the local customers. We don’t know the kind of beers people want and we want to be able to experiment with the different hops,” Mic says.

Eddyline is about being a comfortable place to stop, relax, and catch up.  Eddyline comes from the line separating the fast flowing current in a river from the eddy where the water slows allowing kayakers to stop, rest, catch up, and celebrate their victories.

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