Nectaron® tops US list as the next big hop

Belinda Brosnan @ 2022-08-11 16:40:20 +1200

We are proud to hear that Chris Shelton, Master Brewer of Whole Foods Market Brewing has chosen Nectaron® as his go-to hop. Chris says “Whenever I can get my hands on one [a new hop], it immediately goes into my brew schedule. I’ve been brewing for over 20 years, but I’m not one of those that is cemented in my ways. I love experimenting, working with new flavors. I’m going to keep pushing until I feel like I’ve made the best beer ever.” Vinepair - the largest digital media company dedicated to delivering content on drinks based in the heart of New York, has...

Dr Ron Beatson joins NZ Hops

Belinda Brosnan @ 2022-08-11 16:18:26 +1200

NZ Hops is absolutely stoked to have the legendary Dr. Ron Beatson on board as a Brand Ambassador. Ron will be boosting our group's technical IQ and be an incredible resource to educate customers about our exceptional hops - from inception through to brew.  Dr Ron Beatson had been working in the research and development of hop breeding and genetics for 38 years at Plant & Food Research in Riwaka before retiring at the end of 2021. Ron's impressive career achievements were acknowledged last year when he won the prestigious Morton Coutts Award, presented at the NZ Beer Awards from the Brewers...

NZ Hops' Bract Brewing Programme World-Class

Belinda Brosnan @ 2022-08-09 16:23:07 +1200

NZ Hops Ltd is continuing to lead the way in bringing new and exciting hop varieties to market through its new Bract Brewing Programme. The programme takes trial hops - grown by Master Growers in the Tasman region of New Zealand, and delivers them to select, global, brewers to produce unique brews. Around 60 brewers are taking part.Brewers are selected with the capability to trial brews and gather meaningful insights. They receive exclusive access to the trial Bract hops (currently known as NZH-101, NZH-102, NZH-104 and NZH-105) and brew using the trial hops. Brewers are required to use one Bract hop to create a single-hopped beer. The brew...

NZ Hops welcomes Alana Riley to the Board

Belinda Brosnan @ 2022-07-01 11:35:07 +1200

NZ Hops is pleased to announce that Alana Riley has joined the Board as a Shareholder Director. Maurice Noone, Chair says, “NZ Hops is delighted to welcome Alana to the Board. Alana brings industry experience, together with strong sales and marketing business expertise." Alana has over 10 years of experience working with international distributors and a solid knowledge of sales and marketing at a board level. She has a clear understanding of the co-op as a grower of New Hoplands. "I know the challenges of the industry, and I am looking forward to getting involved at a governance level to continue to grow our...

At Pace with Nature – #BrewingAmbition BBC StoryWorks Series

Belinda Brosnan @ 2022-06-08 03:26:33 +1200
Growing up to a foot a day, hop plants set their own pace. Commanding the respect of the people who work with them, the unique flavours and aromas of New Zealand's hops is down to climate, care and...
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