At Pace with Nature – #BrewingAmbition BBC StoryWorks Series

Growing up to a foot a day, hop plants set their own pace. Commanding the respect of the people who work with them, the unique flavours and aromas of New Zealand's hops is down to climate, care and innovation.

We're incredibly proud to present our story of diversification, sustainability and innovation in a film produced for us by BBC StoryWorks.

You can explore the full film as part of #BrewingAmbition series right now on the Brewing Ambition website (link below)—as well as 10 other fascinating stories all based on the art of brewing beer.

Special thanks to the Moleta family, Aeron and Braden, Plant & Food Research and Totally Natural Solutions who are all featured in this beautiful film.


Watch the entire Brewing Ambition Series.

View NZ Hops Video on BBC StoryWorks Brewing Ambition.

Produced for us by BBC StoryWorks.

Please drink responsibly

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