NZ Hops Ltd CEO resigns

Craig Orr, CEO of NZ Hops Ltd, has resigned from the co-operative after two and a half years in the position. Craig is moving on to focus on new business interests. 

During this time, Craig has led significant change for the organisation, now with a strong focus on being a customer facing business. He has also refreshed the master NZ Hops brand and launched Nectaron® - the rock star new variety taking the world by storm. 

He leaves the co-op with a great team and new relationships established in key markets with distributors and partners.

Nick Eden (Finance Manager) and Dave Woods (Supply & Operations Manager) at NZ Hops will be assuming key leadership accountabilities through the transition period until a new CEO is appointed.

Any further queries can be directed to Board Chairperson Maurice Noone at


18 May 2022

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