Behemoth Brewing Company

NZ Hops Admin @ 2020-05-21 12:59:49 +1200

Behemoth Brewing and Andrew Childs are synonymous. He is the owner, brewer, and beer giraffe of Behemoth Brewing Company. But, how did he get this whole thing going? Well, he had been a big fan of good beer for a long time (dating back to when he collected beer glasses as an 11 year old with a paper run) and one day decided to turn his obsession into a career.  Andrew cut his teeth on good beer by having tasting trays of the Tuatara range when he was 19 or 20 at the old Malthouse in Wellington and from then...

Sprig & Fern

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Tracy Banner is the woman behind the Sprig and Fern Brewery and Head Brewer, owning the brewery with her husband Ken. Tracy has spent her working life learning, developing and perfecting her beer brewing craft in breweries in the UK and New Zealand. Whilst always carefully applying good basic brewing techniques, Tracy is not afraid to push the envelope to explore different facets of brewing to bring interesting and innovative tastes to discerning beer drinkers. That's why you'll always find a full range of very drinkable craft beers available all year round, plus a number of special releases throughout the...

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