The American Brewers Association announces two new beer styles unique to the use of New Zealand grown hops

Today America’s Brewers Association released its highly anticipated 2021 Beer Style Guidelines which have included two completely new styles recognising New Zealand hops:

  • New Zealand-Style Pale Ale
  • New Zealand-Style India Pale Ale

The guidelines set the scene for brewers, beer judges and competition organisers all around the world. New Zealand hops have been recognised for their unique profile, providing flavours and aromas like no other hops. The Association has particularly noted the strength of New Zealand hop varieties; Nelson Sauvin™,  Moutere™, Wakatu™, Rakau™ and Motueka™. Use of these hops and others from the portfolio of New Zealand grown hops, will help define the features of these New Zealand-Style Pale Ales. The new beer styles will be part of the upcoming Great American Beer Festival (GABF), the largest annual blind tasting competition in the USA and the new categories are expected to draw a lot of entries.

“This recognition of the unique style of New Zealand grown hops catapults our industry onto the world stage” says Craig Orr, CEO of NZ Hops.  “It honours our Growers, many have been growing hops here in Tasman for years, and our partners Plant and Food Research with whom we share a long term program on innovation for new varieties. Plus it acknowledges craft brewers everywhere for “creating” this category by continuing to innovate and push boundaries with our varietals. It is just phenomenal news.”

The news comes as New Zealand hop growers are kicking off the annual harvest, the busiest time of the year when growers work around the clock to harvest and dry the precious cones. This year they can do so knowing these hops might find their way into beers around the globe with “NZ” proudly on the label.  The two new beer styles join only two others in the new guidelines; Kentucky Common Beer and Belgium-Style Session Ale.

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