Nectaron® tops US list as the next big hop

We are proud to hear that Chris Shelton, Master Brewer of Whole Foods Market Brewing has chosen Nectaron® as his go-to hop.

Chris says “Whenever I can get my hands on one [a new hop], it immediately goes into my brew schedule. I’ve been brewing for over 20 years, but I’m not one of those that is cemented in my ways. I love experimenting, working with new flavors. I’m going to keep pushing until I feel like I’ve made the best beer ever.”

Vinepair - the largest digital media company dedicated to delivering content on drinks based in the heart of New York, has published an article that puts Nectaron® at the top of the list as one of the hops to watch as it blazes trails in the beer brewing industry. This is big news and one to be proud of.

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