Introducing Our New Master Brand

21st July 2020

Introducing our new master brand

As someone with an interest in beer, and our hop industry here in Nelson, we (the New Zealand Hops co-operative) are excited to bring you our new brand. 

We are now known simply as NZ Hops Ltd, and our stunning new logo demonstrates this with simplicity - along with the symbolic hop Bract.

The bract, as part of one hop, functions as a protective and binding shield by interlocking with several others to encompass the aromatic magic beneath the shell. Just as one bract works together with others to form the Hop, our co-op functions as the sum of many parts. We are a group of growers, coming together to nurture and fiercely protect the excellence that has been cultivated for over a century and a half.

Today the NZ Hops bract offers a window into the past, the present and the future. Through the portal we can tell the story of our pioneers, talk to the strength of our cooperative and offer a glimpse to the exciting new innovations that we’ll continue to release for your inspiration and enjoyment.

Along with our new brand we have published a Company Profile brochure, detailing the pillars on which we proudly stand, our story, and our plans for 2020 and beyond. You can read about our people, our innovation and a Brewer's view, along with a summary of our 2020 Hop Harvest. We are happy to send you a hard copy, or you can download it on our website - in the main menu.

Last Friday we had a great day with our Growers, showcasing our new look at our Annual General Meeting for Shareholders, followed by our Growers Forum. It was a good day for an outdoor lunch under Nelson's winter sun, then a look over our business plans for the year ahead.  
We finished a great day with our first taste of Hort 4337 - officially known as Nectaron®. This is our newest hop, 17 years in the making, and was brewed for this day by Tracy Banner of Sprig & Fern Brewery. Delicious! 
Below are a few snaps:

We intend to be in touch again very soon with more on our plans to bring to market the first tastes of Nectaron®.  For those of you in NZ we can say 'coming to a town near you very soon'.

For those of you further afield, watch this space, we are 'brewing' something especially for our overseas customers. 

Meanwhile, if you require any further information on our Co-op, our new look or the plans ahead, please send me an email 
 - Craig Orr, CEO
Hophead Heaven
Grower Forum and AGM