Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Update for Customers & Industry Associates:

As New Zealand’s primary supplier of hops from our 28 farms within the Co-op, we are confirming the safety and well being of our employees and partners remains top priority. Our Government has moved to enforce new restrictions upon us regarding the potential risks that Coronavirus presents. This notice is to advise our position accordingly;

NZ Hops Ltd will no longer be able to accept any international visitors to our premises, effective Mon 16th March. These restrictions will be closely monitored in line with the NZ Government’s position, and adjusted accordingly. We want to assure all customers, we’re still open for business and happy facilitate digital conference calls and work to any other such arrangements needed.

 Order fulfilment and shipping
Our team are in close contact with supply chain providers and will keep you abreast of any potential interruptions. We do not foresee anything at present, given the Governments policy on keeping the traffic flowing for all goods in and out of NZ. Should this change, we will update swiftly.

 Upcoming events, overseas travel
We have now cancelled our March 28th Hort4337 brewer/grower event planned on-site at MacHops Moutere. We have also stopped any plans for international travel for the foreseeable future.

Safety First
We are mindful that maintaining high hygiene standards is a minimum for all staff, and that their safety is a priority for us at NZ Hops.

For any clarifications, please contact our Customer Service team:

Kristine Milne
George Tunstall
Craig Orr

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Customer update Covid-19