Kono Hops

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Training young hops to wend their way skyward is not a comfortable job when you’re a 6’4” tall lad.  Fresh out of high school in 2011, Dylan Morris was given the choice of two jobs at KONO Horticulture in Motueka – he could either thin apple trees or tend newly-planted hop bines. He didn’t hesitate. He chose to start his hop-growing career. “It’s an exciting industry and, for me, growing hops was a completely new challenge with a lot to learn,” he says. “I grew up in Tapawera where all my holiday jobs were in some sort of farming or...

New Hoplands

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Colin Oldham wasn’t particularly surprised when America’s Budweiser Beer magnate managed to find his relatively small hop farm, tucked away in a pretty valley south of Nelson. When it comes to big business world-wide, the hop-growing industry is very small, he says, and at the time, Colin Oldham’s ‘New Hoplands’ property was the only place in the world where one could find substantial gardens of organically-grown hops. The multi-billionaire beer baron, August Busch III, now aged 82, and his son August Busch IV, (yes, the family’s generations are numbered like royalty), took a guided tour of Colin’s farm, flanked by...

Mac Hops

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When Brent McGlashen was just a primary school boy, every day after school during the hop harvest, he would race his three siblings home – the quickest one to throw down their bicycle and run into the hop shed nabbing the pick of the afternoon jobs. “Dad paid us fifty cents an hour and, being kids, we thought that was pretty big money,” Brent remembers. “We’d work until about six o’clock, then it was home for dinner and homework before bed. But, as we got older, Mum had to lay down some rules about what time we came home -...

Waimea West Hops

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The very first time Willy Macdonald noticed numerous little hop burrs forming on the bines, he jumped onto his farm-bike and raced back to the farmhouse, excitedly calling out to his wife - “Edi! – quickly, come and see what has happened!”  “She got onto the bike with me and I took her out to the hop garden to see what had grown virtually overnight. We were like little kids,” Willy laughs. “When the burrs developed into hop cones, it was just as exciting and I went to fetch Edi again.” “Some mornings, Willy will come out to the kitchen to...

Kentishman Hops

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The night before harvesting begins in Guy Coddington’s hop gardens, master brewer Tracy Banner is feeling as excited as a child anticipating Christmas morning. Tracy will have already visited ‘Kentishman Hops’ in the Upper Moutere Valley three or four times to ‘palm rub’ a few hops. Once she has found the aromas and potential flavours she wants for her special brews, Guy tags her chosen rows; their crop destined exclusively for Tracy’s Sprig and Fern Brewery.  “We’ll text back and forth until nine or ten o’clock at night while Guy’s assessing the hops and deciding if he will go ahead...

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